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Stainless Steel Fabrication and Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Check out ALLPRO’s custom stainless steel designs that are beautiful and functional.

World-class restaurants take their guests on unforgettable culinary adventures… but they can’t do it without a world-class kitchen.

Build a foundation for greatness with stainless steel shelving, prep tables, ventilation and more, manufactured by AllPro Stainless Steel and Metal Fabrication. We serve clients in the hospitality industry looking for only the best in quality and customization.

Commercial Kitchen Focused

With over 30 years experience providing essential components for high-performance commercial kitchens, we understand your unique challenges and can tackle virtually any project you give us.

Custom Metal Fabrication

From a simple repair to a full custom kitchen layout, there’s no project we can’t take on. We can also create decorative metal elements for your front of the house — whatever you need to improve your kitchen efficiency and deliver an excellent guest experience.

Our Services

Create the ultimate commercial kitchen in both form and function. Our services include fabrication of stainless steel shelving, ventilation hoods, prep tables, wall coverings and more. With AllPro, you always get highly personalized service and an exceptional product made to your exact specifications.

Learn more about Our Services

Learn more about Our Services

AllPro Stainless Steel and Metal Fabrication is a family-owned company serving the metal fabrication needs of discerning hospitality clients in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey since 1980.

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